Plate B Color Map


11″x14″ Colored Map of St. Augustine harbor in 1887. Displayed on corrugated board and sealed in a protective sleeve stamped with the cities crest.


This map shows the entrance and harbor of St. Augustine with the depth of water, a portion of the congressional report, and proposed jetties, as part of a report in 1888 by Corps of Engineers prepared by Capt. W. M. Black.

Map size is 9 in. x 11 in.  Reprint size is 9 3/4 in. x 12 1/4 in.

The map was included in the following excerpts from the Black report:

“During the year 1886 three vessels were aground in the bar.  One was a total wreck and the others sustained severe losses.  The known treacherous character of the bar makes it difficult to charter vessels for the Saint Augustine trade.” Report of Lieut. D. D. Gaillard, Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville, FLA, November 12, 1887

The work contemplated consisted in:

  1. Location of shore-lines.
  2. A series of soundings covering the entire bar and harbor
  3. Borings to determine the character of the bottom and principal shoals.
  4. Gauging the channel at a suitable place.
  5. Determining the current velocities in the main channels
  6. Tidal observations showing the duration and range of tide at suitable points in the harbor and the slope of the water surface between them.
  7. Compilation of all local data giving force and direction of winds.

St. Augustine Harbor is formed by the junction of the Matanzas and Tolomato (or North) Rivers.  They unite at St. Augustine in a single channel opening into the sea.  The total length of the river is 22 miles.

In front of the city and separated from it by the Matanzas River is Anastasia Island,… about 15 miles long, and with an average width of about 1 mile.  Separating North River from the ocean is a sandy peninsula about 20 miles long.  Between the southern extremity of this peninsula and the northern extremity of Anastasia Island is the entrance to the harbor.

The print also includes a reproduction photograph of the St. Augustine Lighthouse and the Keeper’s House circa 1889.

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